Embrace Wirefree Camisole - Everyday

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Finding a wirefree bra that lifts with comfort was impossible until we invented the Embrace Camisole; this lovely camisole was made to change that. Our Embrace Camisole is a game changer for any woman’s wardrobe. It is engineered to give you the support you need. B-L cups. 

Engineered by American designers, featuring  "Hugging Shapewear" not "Spanking Shapewear".  This is that gentle all day hug you don't want to throw off at the end of the day... you can just plop into bed because it is WIREFREE!  The pads are removable, we recommend you remove for the wash machine. 


Defy gravity best by putting it on differently. 

  1. Step into the garment & pull up! 
  2. Make sure the U stitching is sitting where an underwire would be: under breast junction. 

 Then when your front is in place, be sure the back also gets supported!

  1. Pull up along the top edge - from your underarm to your back to make sure you get the smooth back effect!. 
  2. Then adjust straps to a comfortable position. Racerback clips at the back.  You can pre-clip into racerback position before putting it on.  

If you can't step in - is over the head ok? Yes, not exactly the same Anti-Gravity benefits if you step in and pull up, but it will still be the best wirefree bra support you've ever had

Embrace Wirefree Camisole - Everyday
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